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M81-S Lung Sound Auscultation Trainer LSAT /Simulators for Medical Education

Q1. What does <H> on the case list indicate?
A. The stands for the heart. Cases with marks have heart sounds in the back ground, the cases without has pulmonary sounds only to facilitate learners to concentrate on the soft sounds.
Q2. Do I have to use a special stethoscope for M84-S "Simulator K" and M81-S "LSAT"?
A. No, you do not. You may use a common stethoscope.

M82 Eye Examination Simulator /Simulators for Medical and Nursing Education

Q1. I’m trying but it’s so hard to see the eye grounds. Do I have to use any specific funduscope?
A. The simulator is designed to be used with any direct ophthalmoscope in the market, although scopes with anti-reflection filters would be recommended. Before changing scopes, try these questions and tips:
Ask yourself: Did you put the included anti-reflection board behind the films?
Tip: You can change the pupil size with the white dial above the forehead. Start with the widest pupils and then move onto the smaller ones.
Ask yourself: Isn’t the surface of the film dusty or stained?
Tip: You may have a better view by looking from an angle.
To clean the film, use an air duster or blower brush. Do not touch the surface to clean film, for grease stain may not be removed.

Phantoms for Medical Imaging

Q1. What is the difference between US-1"ECHOZY" and US-1B"ABDFAN"?
A. ECHOZY is normal, there is no pathology. ABDFAN has some pathology like cysts and tumors in the body.
Q2. What is the difference between PH-2"PBU-50" and PH-2B "PBU-60"?
A. PBU-50 is made for plain X-ray, PBU-60 is made for standard X-ray and CT with full life-like organs that are embedded.

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