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Breast Ultrasound QA Phantom

Main visual Breast ultrasound QA Phantoms, kyotokagaku

Ensure highly images to enable reliable breast cancer examinations.

Recommended by Japan Association of Breast and Thyroid Sonology. Ultrasound QA phantom for high precision imaging in the high frequency sonography around 10MHz required in breast examination.
For monthly basic quality assurance to maintain consistency of the performance of scanners and transducers.


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Breast ultrasound QA phantom, kyotokagaku, QA,  medical imaging

Four kinds of targets, gray scale, cyst targets, dot targets and 45 degrees line target at 2 depth, 10mm(0.4 inch)and 20mm(0.8 inch).
Backgraound of each phantom block is of different attenuation rate and speed of sound.
Detailed spinal resolution as minute 0.5mm(0.02inch)can be assessed.

Mass targets block (contrast resolution)

Breast ultrasound QA phantom, kyoto kagaku

Gray scale targets

10 step gray scale targets. Find the optimal gain to visualize all targets clearly and with even change in enchogenicities. Then keep the gain for subsequence assessment session.

Cyst targets

4 targets with different diameter from 1mm(0.04inch) to 4mm(0.16 inch). Visualize the four targets as clear as possible. Then check their roundness and if the 1mm(0.04inch) dia. target can be properly recognized.

breast ultrasound QA phantom, kyoto kagaku

Dot targets block(spatial resolution)

breast ultrasound QA phantom, kyoto kagaku, spatial resolution

Dot targets

Dot targets for horizontal and vertical resolution. Spaving from 0.5mm(0.02inch)to3mm(0.12inch).

45 degrees line target

infkuence on the image quality by the slice thickness can be assessed. Consists of two dot targets with 2mm(0.08inch) distance with a line target embedded horizontally with 45 degrees from the front wall to the back wall.

breast ultrasound QA phantom, kyotokagaku

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Set Includes and Specifications

breast ulrtrasound QA phantom, kyotokagaku, ultrasound quality assessment

Set includes

1 mass targets block
1 dot targets block
1 storage case
1 instructional manual


・Mass targets block phantom size:
W7.5xD3xH4.4 inch

・Mass targets block phantom weight:
1.3kg / 2.9 lbs

・Dot targets block phantom size:
W5.4xD3xH4.4 inch

・Dot targets block phantom weight:
1.0kg / 2.2 lbs


Urethane elastomer, acryl, nylin

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