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 US-10 41909-000

Female Pelvic Ultrasound Phantom

Two interchangeable inserts to cover basic gyn ultrasound

Production Supervision:

Charlotte Henningsen, MS, RT(R), RSMS, RVT, FSDMS, FAIUM
Chair & Professor - Sonography Department
Adventist University of Health Sciences

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1. Both transvaginal and transabdominal scanning are possible.
2. Two types of interchangeable phantom inserts with different pathologies
3. Realistic view of female external genital
4. Excellent ultrasound image quality

Female Pelvic Ultrasound Phantom, kyotokagaku, US-10

The pelvic phantom is unique in that it allows for transabdominal and transvaginal scanning. Though transvaginal scanning is the gold standard for gyn and 1st trimester pregnancy, it is still important to recognize the anatomy from the transabdominal aspect, as patients may present with anatomy and /or pathology that is outside the transvaginal field of view. The transabdominal technique is still a valuable part of assessing the female pelvis. This phantom also provides imaging of normal and abnormal anatomy so that normal protocol can be practiced while still learning to recognize life threatening pathology, such as an ectopic pregnancy. Other pathology such as endometrial cancer and ovarian cysts can also be identified. In a learning environment, this phantom provides a balance of normal and abnormal that will assist in developing the critical thinking skills necessary to successfully evaluate the female pelvis.

Pathological phantom

-endometrial cancer, utirine fibroid, dermoid cyst of ovary, bleeding at Douglas Cavum

Female Pelvic Ultrasound Phantom, kyotokagaku, Dermoid cyst of ovary, Uterine fibroid, Endometrial Cancer

Pathological phantom, kyotokagaku, female pelvic

Ectopic pregnancy phantom

-ectopic pregnancy in a fallopian tube, bleeding at Douglas Cavum

Female Pelvic Ultrasound Phantom, kyotokagaku, ectopic pregnancy

female pelvic phantom, ectopic pregnancy, kyotokagaku

Training Skills

  • Handling and manipulation of transvaginal and transabdominal transducers
  • Interpretation of sonogram
  • Visualization and localization of anatomies and pathologies

Set Includes and Specifications

Set Includes:

  • 1 lower torso manikin
  • 1 ultrasound pathology unit
  • 1 ultrasound ectopic pregnancy unit
  • 1 storage case
  • Instruction manual


phantom size: approx. W34xD33xH24cm/W13.4xD13xH9.5in

weight: approx. 6.5kg/14.5lb

*Specifications are subject to change.

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