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Strap-on Venipuncture Trainer

Strap-on venipuncture trainer

Strap-on venipuncture simulator is a simple, economical training kit for intravenous injection. This trainer is to be strapped onto the upper arm of an SP or a life-size training model.

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  • Realistic tissue and vein wall resistance.
  • Vein tube can be filled and refilled easily using a soft plastic bottle that works as a manual pump.
  • Three vein tubes are embedded: 2 normal and 1 thin.

strap-on venipuncture trainer kyotokagaku

Training Skills

Blood collection and intravenous injection


Set includes:

  • 5 puncture pads (vein tube embedded)
  • 5 supporting frames with belt
  • 5 injector tubes
  • 5 drain tubes
  • 5 injection bottles

*Simulated blood powder is not included in the set.

*Specifications are subject to change.

Manikin size


strap-on venipuncture trainer set includes

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Replacement parts

  • 11326-010 replacement puncture pad (1 piece)
  • 11326-020 replacement puncture pad (a set of 5)
  • 11266-080 coloring powder (red 30g)

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