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Simulator Intravenous Arm Ⅱ

Main visual: Simulator Intravenous Arm Ⅱ

Improved injection pad allows more repetitive training.
Practice at three veins: basilic, median antebrachial and cephalic veins.
Life-like touch and resistance of the injection sites allows vein palpation like a real patient.

Products supervision & Cooperation:

Yumi Saito Ph.D., Professor
College of Medical Technology, Kyoto University

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  • Life-like puncture site material for vein palpation and realistic needle tip feeling.
  • Three veins for practice: Basilic, Median antebrachial and Cephalic veins.
  • Circulation pump reproduces human circulation flow and allows trainings in instillation procedures.
  • Realistic back-fl ow.
  • Injection pads are easily changeable.
  • No puncture traces of injection needle remains on the injection pads.
  • Easy to set up, one-touch connections.
  • Quiet pump.
  • Leakage free and easy clean up.

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Set includes:

  • 2 arm models with supporter stand
  • 2 injection pads
  • 2 injection pads(red)
  • 1 circulation pump
  • 1 jar of coloring powder (red)
  • 1 set of spoon and plastic jar
  • 1 instruction manual

Manikin size:



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Replacement parts

  • 11267-300-03 2 replacement injection pads for M50B
  • 11345-300-04 2 replacement injection pads for M50B(red)

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