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MW20 11399-000

Prostate & Rectal Simulator

Main visual: Cardiology Patient Simulator "K"

The Prostate & Rectal Simulator includes 9 types of prostates and 4 types of rectums that are easily changeable and can be positioned in 3 different ways


1. Nine types of prostate simulate different scenarios

2. Four rectum units

3. Training with multiple prostates and rectal cases is concurrent and time efficient

4. Lateral, supine and prone positioning

5. 3 revolving units with 9 prostates can easily be changed


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Training Skills

  • Digital-examination of the prostate and rectum
  • Insertion and the use of the anal-scope and the proctoscope

Components & Specifications

Set includes

  • 1 lower torso manikin
  • 3 prostate units: 9 prostates
  • 4 rectum units
  • 1 lubricant gel
  • 1 storage case
  • 1 instruction manual

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