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MW12 11391-000

EAR Examination simulatorⅡ

Main visual: Colonoscope Training Model

EAR examination simulator2 is an model to acquite safe and reliable skills for examining the external acoustic meatus and tympanis membrane with a direct otoscope. Featured is an alarm when painful insertion is detected.

Production Supervision:

Japan Society for Medical Education Working Group
with the cooperation of
Dr. Michihiko Sone
Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine


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  • 1.normal
  • 2.serious otitis media (SOM)
  • 3.mucoid otitis media (MOM)
  • 4.chronic otitis media with perforation
  • 5.acute suppurative otitis media (AOM)
  • 6.cholesteatoma
  • 7.tympanosclerosis
  • 8.traumatic perforations
  • 9.cerumen block

Learning mode

  • Self-learning mode
  • Instructor/Examination mode

Type of ear canal sizes

Four types of ear units -4 pairs

  • Ear exam:normal / stenosis
  • FB ear:normal / stenosis

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Set includes:

  • 1 manikin head and shoulder
  • 4 types of ear units -1 pair each
    -Exam Ear(normal)
    -Exam Ear(stenosis)
    -FB Ear(normal)
    -FB Ear(stenosis)
  • 1 set of foreign body removal kit
    -simulated ear wax, small toy, small sponge fragments and a spoon
  • instructyion manual

Manikin size:

42 x 21.5 x 38H cm, 2 kg

*An otoscope is not supplied with the unit.
*Specifications are subject to change.


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Replacement parts

  • 11391-010 ear units and foreign body set
    -4 types of ear units - 1 pair each
    ear exam(normal), ear exam(stenosis), FB ear(normal), FB(stenosis)
    -1 set of foreign body removal kit
    simulated ear wax, small toys, small sponge fragments and a spoon

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