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M94 11346-000

Intradermal Injection Training Simulator

Main visual: Intradermal Injection Training Simulator

This simulator provides training of intradermal injection to the inner forearm.
A clear characteristic skin wheal is formed when proper injection procedure is followed.

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  1. Life-like touch and resistance of the injection site, close to that of a real human arm, allows pulling the skin and making punctures like a real patient.
  2. Life-size model forearm made of soft resin, realistic in appearance and touch, help in training to find a proper needle angle.
  3. Stand supports the forearm model at proper position.
  4. Special structure of the injection pad, when properly injected, creates a clear characteristic skin wheal.
  5. Injection pads are easily exchangeable.
  6. No needle traces remain.

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Set includes:

  • 5 puncture pads
  • 1 forearm model
  • 1 supporter stand
  • 1 storage case

*Specifications are subject to change.


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Replacement parts

  • 11346-010 replacement punctue pad

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