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Corporate History

Kyoto Kagaku was founded in post-war Japan in 1948, originating from the Shimadzu Corporation, founded by Genzo Shimadzu Sr. in 1875 of the Meiji Period (1868-1912).

Previously the specimens division of Shimadzu, Kyoto Kagaku developed along with Japan's modernization. To meet the need for educational materials that effectively reveal the increasing complexities of knowledge, we have been developing and manufacturing models, specimens and other instruments for demonstration, simulation and experiment- the essential principle being to make knowledge visible and tangible. In aiding modern scientific objectivity and reproducibility, creativity and craftsmanship hold equal value in our products and facilities with accuracy and durability.

In 1930 our first mannequin, made of synthetic materials, was born and our products have since become accepted nationally and internationally, contributing to improvements in school education, societal education, academic research and the industry's development. With the rebuilding of post-war Japan, and its economical growth, our work has come to be increasingly connected with the wider society. Having successfully developed techniques for the reproduction of cultural materials from synthetics, we work widely in the fields of Cultural Heritage Protection and of Education in museums and a variety of institutes.

Today, our business activities range from fundamental science education in secondary school education to specialized fields in higher education, especially medicine.

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Shimadzu begins the manufacture of educational scientific specimens.
The educational scientific specimens division is established in Shimadzu Corp.
Development of wood-pulp fibre mannequins
Shimadzu factory is closed due to War II
Kyotokagaku is established
Production of Buddhist statue replicas with synthetic resin. Commercial manufacture of resinous human skeleton models
Development of Stomach Phantom in partnership with Shimadzu Corp
Development of XUR* with the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) *XUR: raw material for X-ray phantoms, having the same X-ray transmission rate as the human body
Developed variety of materails for X-ray phantoms (human lungs, bones and 3 muscle types) with the National Institute of Radiological Sciences
Begins offering educational programs for foreign trainees as a part of the Japanese International Cultural Association (JICA) program
Development of Simulator "K" , cardiology patient simulator
Certified ISO9001
"Simulator K" and "LSAT" US patents; "EYE " Examination Simulator JPN patent
"Simulator K" and "LSAT" Simulator Intravenoue Hand/Arm and "Simulator Pediatric IV arm" CE marked

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